Mindy Jones

Mindy Jones

Vocal Harmonies, Percussion
Vocal Harmonies, Percussion


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CD: Just For A Moment
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“I have a pretty strong and powerful voice for a little white girl from Ohio”, laughs Mindy Jones.
“If you play me a melody one time, I can pick up and perform the harmony pretty easily”.

It’s not bragging if you can back it up, which she does. Mindy started singing at a very early age, singing along with her mom’s Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston records. Then, when she was 11, her dad, as choir director, needed an alto, and she fit right in.

Mindy really enjoyed the intricate melodies and driving rhythms of R&B music. She began performing in high school musicals, and sang the national anthem whenever she could.

Her mother was a professional violist, and Mindy learned to play viola, as well as ukelele, percussion, and keyboards. She moved to LA in 2000, singing background vocals.

Her first important gig emerged a couple of years later with the band Thefts at Sea Level. She also continued her session work and, three years ago, met Dan Carlson through drummer Butch Norton.

“I think he has the perfect motto for his music”, she says. “Music for the Inside of Your Body.
I really love the harmonies, which are soothing and unparalleled. He uses intricate and complicated chords, and it’s just sweet and beautiful music.”

In addition to her vocals with Waldo Bliss, Mindy is also singing for cartoons, commercials, and movies, as well as the musician Moby. In early 2013, she’ll be releasing her debut album with Daniel Ahearn and the Jones.
Check out Mindy in the “Daniel Ahern & the Jones” video performing the song “Kissed Like That”.

The Whirl // Waldo Bliss - LP
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